Activate WinLaunch

The default activation methods for WinLaunch are

  • Shift + Tab (Hotkey)
  • Moving the mouse into the upper left corner of the screen (HotCorner)
  • Double clicking the middle mouse button

To close WinLaunch again, just click on empty space in the window or repeat an activation method

You can adjust the activation methods in the settings

Add files

To add files, folders or links you can use the toolbar options
or drag an item into the upper left corner of the screen (HotCorner)

Remove Items

To remove items from WinLaunch just click and hold them until they start to wiggle

then click the x in the top left corner, you can also right click and hit remove

Create folders

To create a folder drag and drop one item on top of another one

Rename folders

To rename a folder click the folder title and type in a new name

hit return or click to accept the new name

Navigate multiple pages

To navigate across multiple pages you can either hold and drag
with your left or right mouse button or use the scroll wheel

to move items to a new page just drag them to the edge of the window

Install custom themes

Support WinLaunch on patreon to unlock custom themes

If you have more questions

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